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Up Close from a Distance

UBC Okanagan Visual Arts Exhibition

Hosted by the UBCO Visual Arts Course Union (UBCOVACU))

Faith Wandler 

Faith Wandler 

     My greatest enjoyment comes from creating pieces in a conceptual manner that also includes the use of craft. I like to focus on my own inner anxiety and repetitive thoughts that end up controlling my daily life in a negative way. The use of ‘journal therapy’ allows for someone to focus on their internal experiences, overbearing thoughts and feelings by putting them into a tangible physical form instead of holding them within and allowing them to have control over one’s wellbeing. I use the idea of journal therapy through the repetition of words or short phrases that are weighing me down and creating significant anxiety in my life. The only way I feel that I can rid these toxic thoughts from my mind is by bringing them out visually. This allows the meddlesome words to be released from my mind and into the work, therefore becoming a tangible piece that viewers can connect with and hopefully relate to their own inner anxieties. 

     The use of repetition is also very prevalent in my practice, whether it be how I physically make the piece or the visual aesthetics that are being shown. This method of working shows the effects of my generalized anxiety disorder and how repeated thoughts are often weighing me down. However, repetition in my daily routine also gives me great comfort. My artistic process relates to my daily process of dealing with mental illness, and constantly working on my wellbeing is a never ending journey.


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