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Up Close from a Distance

UBC Okanagan Visual Arts Exhibition

Hosted by the UBCO Visual Arts Course Union (UBCOVACU))

AJ Salter 

AJ Salter

     “Where Did You Get that Coat?”  is a performance project in which I wear an obviously handmade coat and record the conversations that wearing this clothing initiates. The coat is white and blue with hand dyed panels. These contrasting panels attract attention to the coat’s construction and emphasize some of the common features used to custom fit clothing, including gussets, godets, gores, and princess seams. Though common in handmade clothing, these features are often absent in mass-produced fast fashion. ​When people engage with me on the street and ask “Where Did You Get that Coat?”  A conversation ensues. My goal is to educate people on the benefits of basic tailoring, to interest people in sewing, and to help promote higher expectations from fashion.  



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